Brian Kelly - The Automation Master

Burn Out or Automate Your Online Business


Are You OK with being overwhelmed and burned out from your online business?

At one time I was a victim of my own business. Being stressed and overwhelmed from my online business had me looking for a better solution. 

I’m going to share with you some of the reasons why you should start automating your business immediately. 

In addition, I also share what business processes you should start automating.


Understanding The Game

 Automation is the use of software and web-based services to manage,and execute tasks and processes for your online business. 

You have your business and connected to your business are the things you want and the things you need to take care of.

The things you need to take care of are keeping your customers happy, nurturing leads, keeping staff happy, daily operations. 

That’s a lot of things to do weekly without any help, especially if you’re a solopreneur. Behind all of that, is what you want as a business owner. 

Things such as more freedom of time, more freedom to work when you want, and more money.

How do you get what you want for yourself as a business owner while executing and managing your daily tasks and processes?

Automation is the key my friend. Start utilizing automation and you’ll start to notice the benefits with your personal and business life.


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Automation is your secret weapon. It will handle your tasks and processes behind the scenes. Before you can start, you must evaluate what areas of your business need it the most.

Let's look at your business from a bird’s eye view. Things you may want to consider are your:

  1. Ad funnels,
  2. Project management.
  3. Team( if you have one.).


Ad Funnel

When you’re operating online you need a sales funnel. Within that your funnel your potential customer goes through a journey from discovery>considering your brand/or service>becoming a customer.

What you automate in your funnel will depend on how it is structured.

Your funnel may include your ad>landing page>email sequence, or ad>landing page> text message sequence, etc.

Whatever your setup is, here are some tools that you need to have in order:

  • Email Service Providers (One that can do auto-responder sequences)
  • Call booking tools -  If you own a online business in professional services then this tool can allow people to book time into your calendar.
  • Chat Tools - These have many uses when it comes to social media. You can use it on your website as well. I use mine on my sales and checkout pages.


You might be a solopreneur and think getting hiring a team or anyone at all is out of your budget range.

I highly recommend that you hire someone to do at least one task for you. You can even hire an apprentice or intern.

Did you know there companies that help connect you with apprentices, for extremely low costs.

Once you onboard some employees, or interns you'll need a project management tool.

This will help you to increase productivity, automate workflows, and deliver results faster.

Now have a better understanding on how automation can benefit your company, and your lifestyle.

I'm not going to leave you hanging,

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